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Dear all ITF family members,

Greeting New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you, in the name of myself as President of International Taekwon-Do Federation, a Happy New Year hoping only joy and happiness dwell in your family life and every success materializes in all your expectations as tomorrow is today’s dream.
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3rd Aug 2010   12:27
The attendance at our first grading in the newly opened Bangkok Headquarters read somewhat like the United Nations. Students from the UK, Sweden, the USA, Thailand and Australia were present all be it in small numbers.

Only three 6th Gup students were examined as the beginners had only just enrolled and we not yet ready for 9th Gup. Prior to the actual exam Athalie, Sasi and Thong we given some one on one last minute instruction from Mr. Newcomer a 6th Dan from the USA, Mr. Johansson 5th Dan from Sweden and Mrs. Moulden 4th Dan from Thailand. It was clear once the testing commenced that all three were more nervous than usual, however it did not take long for them to settle and get on with the tasks allotted by 6th Dan examiner Mr. Moulden.
At the conclusion of the testing which included two Tuls, self defence routines and one step sparring, Mr. Newcommer conducted a short session involving hand and foot combinations. The 10th Gup students found this an interesting challenge but put in a great effort.
Group photos were taken as mementoes for Mr. Newcomer and Mr. Johansson as they will only be training from time to time during their respective stays in Thailand.
Whilst not as big as previous gradings the second Inburi Grading for 2010 was certainly entertaining. Ten students applied for promotion ranging from beginner through to 6th Gup.
The beginners Ta and Froi were a little nervous however settled into their test after some words of encouragement from Sabum Rachanok. It is a lot to deal with for a beginner having to be in front of everyone for the first time and contend with English and Korean instructions. Both performed very well and were pleased to finally sit down to watch the remainder of the students test.
There were five 8th Gup and all eyes were on Boom 8 and Atom 9 being the youngest by far. Effort is the key to learning and both these young students clearly are enthusiastic about their Taekwon-Do studies. Their self defence routines were very well executed and showed everyone just how children can defend themselves.
6th Gup Miw has come a long way in her 12 months training to date. Initially very shy and lacking confidence, Miw now has a real presence about her and the way she delivers her techniques leaves no doubt in her new found abilities and attitude.
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