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Greeting New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you, in the name of myself as President of International Taekwon-Do Federation, a Happy New Year hoping only joy and happiness dwell in your family life and every success materializes in all your expectations as tomorrow is today’s dream.
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II Major Seminar in Venezuela, Mar. 15th,2009
23rd Feb 2010   16:51
It was carried out successfully the Great II International Seminar ITF Taekwon-Do in Venezuela, in the city of Barquisimeto in Lara state.

This seminar was delivered by Master Phap Lu Ke the 8th Dan ITF General Secretary of the ITF and the 8th dan Master Benny Rivera ITF President of the PTC. It was attended by 82 of these seminarians Aragua, Capital District, Miranda, Lara and Zulia, and also with the special participation of the Dominican Republic represented by Bu sabonim III Dan Andres Trinidad and El Terrero Kelvin Bu sabonim III Dan, for a total of 84 participants.
On March 13, began with the inauguration of the event at 11 pm, which included the presence of the Master Phap Lu Ke the 8th Dan ITF Secretary General of ITF, Master Benny Rivera gave the 8th President of the ITF PTC, The Sabonim Leonel Araujo V Dan ITF, José Luis Zapata V Sabonim Dan ITF, Tamara Freites Sabonim the representatives of other martial arts and prof. Armando Vargas as a representative of the Foundation for Sport of the State of Lara (FUNDELA). All of them were in the Central Bureau, each of them directed his words to all present, then deliver a presentation and recognition by the Association LARENSES by the Bu sabonim: José Anzola, Jesus and Ladino Jose Ladino It culminated with the opening ceremony. In the afternoon we made a reunion with the instructors, regional directors, Piolo Committee of Venezuela and the Masters, in that each of the reunion was given this opportunity to express their views about the management of the Pilot, then that his words addressed to all present Master Phap Lu Ke the 8th Dan ITF Secretary General of ITF, Master Benny Rivera gave the 8th ITF President of the PTC, which ended in conducting elections to form the Directors of the Federation ITF Original Venezuela, these elections were conducted and were elected for a period of 2 years as follows:

President Sabonim Leonel Araujo
Secretary General: Bu sabonim Rafael Orozco
Treasurer: Bu sabonim José Vicente Aponte sabonim
President of Public Relations: Sabonim José Luís Zapata
After that the teachers conducted an examination for promotion to Denmark where they presented: the state of Zulia: Mary I go to Dan, the Bu sabonim Jose Aponte V to IV Dan and sabonim Bu Liliana Camacho for IV Dan, Lara state by: Bu the Ladino sabonim Jesus to give II, El Bu sabonim Anzola José V to II Dan and Lenny sabonim Bu Starline Duran to give III, it should be noted that the sabonim Bu Liliana Camacho is the first woman to reach this rank Venezuela. All applicants passed the exam successfully where others being evaluated also learned many techniques and corrected.

On March 14, began at 10 AM with the II Major Seminary ITF Taekwon-do, where participants were divided into two groups, one group working with Master Phap Lu Ke the 8th Dan ITF part of the basic techniques, Tul (forms) and Philosophy, the other group working with the Master Benny Rivera the 8th Dan ITF techniques of kicking and defense personnel. After some time it made the rotation was performed in both groups, this was all day, with an hour break at noon for a snack. At 4 PM the seminar was closed with words from the Master Phap Lu Ke the 8th Dan ITF General Secretary of the ITF and the 8th dan Master Benny Rivera ITF President of the PTC, then delivers the belts to the previous day presented its review of ascent with the teachers, this was after the surrender of certificates of participation to the regional directors of the participating States. Then it proceeded to take pictures with the teachers by region.
On March 15, the Championship was held Invitacional Lara 2009 where she competed in tulle and Single Combat in different caterogorias since childhood, youth and adults, white belts, Black Belts and color, with a participation of 50 competitors whose success It was thanks to the participation of regional directors (from Miranda, Capital District, Zulia and Lara), the organizing committee and the contributions of everyone here, because teamwork is all easy to achieve.
Without further reference to that, we can only thank the Master Phap Lu ke VIII Dan and Master Benny Rivera VIII Dan for all the cooperation extended to us, goodbye to you;

Organizing Committee of the II International Seminar Grand Taekwon-Do ITF in Venezuela
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