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Greeting New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you, in the name of myself as President of International Taekwon-Do Federation, a Happy New Year hoping only joy and happiness dwell in your family life and every success materializes in all your expectations as tomorrow is today’s dream.
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Czech Open Tournament held in Nymburk, Czech Republic, 22nd and 23rd Mar. 2014
1st Apr 2014   10:34
This year's competition season in Taekwon-do started with one of the biggest event, which is without doubt Czech Republic Open. This competition for youth, junior and adult competitors was organized by Czech Republic Taekwon-do Federation on 22nd and 23rd of March. Youth competitors could compare their skills in patterns, sparing and special techniques, juniors and adults had power breaking extra.
Saturday morning's programme was filled with registration, weighting and couch and umpire meeting. At 2 p.m., 270 competitors from 28 clubs lined up to opening ceremony. Clubs from Czech Republicech Republic were supported by two visiting teams from Russia and one from Greenland, Slovenia and Slovakia. During whole competition Grandmaster Prof. Hwang Ho-yong was present and he used the time there to discuss with international participants. The competition went very smoothly and in the evening, two most successful youth competitors - Lenka Hrstková, youth female (Sonkal, CZECH REPUBLIC) and Alexander Ryakin, youth male (Comofv Moscow, RU) were awarded.
All pattern categories were done on Saturday so the competition on Sunday started with sparring. Also on Sunday it ran fast thanks to 40 umpires who judged very professionally. During whole competition we were able to see great performances, not just because presence of Czech Republicnational team but also because well prepared international teams.
At the end of competition, most successful juniors and adults received their trophies. In group B (yellow, green and blue belts), these were Tereza Štekerová, junior female (Sonkal, Czech Republic),Lukáš Frič, junior male (Tong-Il, Czech Republic), Veronika Dvořáková, adult female (Tong-Il, Czech Republic) and Jan Pospíšil, adult male (Tong-Il, Czech Republic).
In group A (red and black belts) the most successful juniors were Anna Nevludová, female (TKD Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic) and Filip Muller, male (GBHS, Czech Republic) and adults Anna Pösingerová, female (Kwang-Myong, Czech Republic)and Aleš Vyzrál, male (Narama Plzeň, Czech Republic).
Then president of Czech Taekwondo Federation and Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong awarded three most successful clubs - 1st Sonkal Praha, 2nd TKD Frýdek-Místek and 3rd Comofv Moscow.
Organizers look forward to Czech Open 2015 and they are preparing some interesting news especially for international participants. Follow on and
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