President's Column
Prof. Chang Ung
Dear all ITF family members,

Greeting New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you, in the name of myself as President of International Taekwon-Do Federation, a Happy New Year hoping only joy and happiness dwell in your family life and every success materializes in all your expectations as tomorrow is today’s dream.
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GM Rhee's Message
Dear ITF brothers and sisters,

Looking back to those happy days during the Gen.Choi time with warm heart as the 1st Grand Master and the last remaining founding member of ITF, I wish to emphasize one important point.

Taekwon-Do should be one.

Taekwon-Do was invented by one founder on 11th April 1955, therefore it had been one during 1960s and today it should be returned into one integration again .

Our founder did not agree with 2 world-governing bodies (ITF and WTF) and he was working towards a merge with ITF /WTF before his passing as he did not like 2 Koreas (North and South and hoped for unity there also.

To have our Taekwon-Do integrated we must integrate out mind into one as the small streams gather into the Ocean. Nowadays some among the Taekwond-Do practitioners are striving simply to gain personal ego and superficial organizational superiority, being ignorant of the true happiness and value as Taekwon-doist. Our true happiness lies in the upbringing the Taekwon-Do youngsters into a upright and excellent social members and filial sons and daughters. To integrate our minds we must polish our spirit and minds on the lifetime instructions of Gen.Choi.

To realize the integration of Taekwon-Do we must value and uphold the legacy Gen. Choi left behind to the generations to come.

To integrate our Taekwon-Do we must keep in mind the last wishes Gen.Choi left at his death bedside. As the sons and daughters of our beloved Taekwon-Do father, without these points ,nobody will honor us true Martial Artists , but rather brand us imitators. At this occasion, I pray again Gen.Choi rest in peace with our hearts looking up to him as our Father.

Taekwon Il Shin

One Taekwon-Do, One body, One founder,
One round belt, One instructor, One leader
GM Rhee Ki Ha
Vice President
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