President's Column
Prof. Chang Ung
Dear all ITF family members,

Greeting New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you, in the name of myself as President of International Taekwon-Do Federation, a Happy New Year hoping only joy and happiness dwell in your family life and every success materializes in all your expectations as tomorrow is today’s dream.
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National Umpire Seminar in Beijing in China,25th-26th Dec2011
18th Jan 2011   09:28
National Umpire Seminar in University of Education in Beijing was successfully done.
First Madan Bhandari Memorial National ITF TKD Championship Concluded
10th Jan 2011   10:05
The New Program of Nepal ITF, First Madan Bhandari Memorial National ITF Taekwon-Do Championships has been concluded at Kathmandu on 21st -22nd December 2010.
ITF Activities in 2011
10th Jan 2011   09:56
I.T.F Seminar in Spain,Oct.2010
6th Jan 2011   22:34
On the evening of the 28th october Grand Master Adolfo Villanueva IX Dan and Senior Master Raul Sosa VIII Dan were met at Malaga airport
National Seminar with Senior Master Hwang Ho Yong in Czech Republic,11th Dec1
6th Jan 2011   19:52
On Saturday 11th December it has been held national Czech seminar with Senior Master Hwang Ho Yong, the father of Czech Taekwon-Do.
ITF Newsletter Dec. 2010
22nd Dec 2010   11:13
International Instructors Course held in Mackay, Australia, 12-14 Nov.2010
21st Dec 2010   12:27
The Queensland Self Defence and Taekwon-Do Academy hosted an International Instructors Course in Mackay, Australia, on 12-14 November 2010. The course was open to all 3rd Dan and above ITF Black Belt holders and was attended by International Instructors from across the north-east coast of Australia including two International Instructors from Thailand.
International Seminar with Master Pak Bong Dok in Moscow, 27th-28th Nov. 2010
21st Dec 2010   10:26
The Russian Taekwon-do ITF Federation and club «Paek Tu San»There organized the International Seminar on the 27th-28th of November 2010. The Seminar was conducted by Master Pak Bong Dok VII Dan. The seminar was held and the most part of the participants were from Moscow.
Lecture Seminar by IRAN ITF Association
20th Dec 2010   11:46
A great lecture seminar was held for ITF Taekwon-Do on 9th December 2010, by the IRAN ITF Association .
Few high profile persons from IRAN Sport Organization, NOC and Tehran Municipality & Senior Master Song Son Gun attended in seminar, which was held in Kowsar Auditorium.
Celebration of 20th Anniversary of ITF Mongol Taekwon-Federation Foundation, 20thOct.2010
15th Dec 2010   10:26
ITF Mongol Taekwon-Federation was found in November,1990. The ITF Mongol Taekwon-Federation celebrated its foundation anniversary on 20th Oct.2010 in an enormous festival atmosphere.
ITF Delegation attended this historical ceremony with Prof.Ph.D.Chang Ung and Mr.Ri Yong Son and Mr.Kim Cholgyu from 18th to 21st Oct.2010.
ITF Taekwon Do activity in Tianjin, China, Oct.2010
10th Dec 2010   11:11
ITF Taekwon-Do had been introduced and started from one middle school in Tianjin in 2002 but today it boasts the increasing number of its students and ITF Taekwon-Do Dojangs. ITF Taekwon-Do takes its place even in Military Academy of People’s Liberation Army of China and Aviation College.
The 6th Sub-Junior Delhi State ITF TKD Championship & the 22nd Delhi State Junior & Senior ITF TKD Championship held in New Delhi, India, 3rd-5th Dec. 2010
10th Dec 2010   11:04
The 6th Sub-Junior Delhi State ITF Taekwon-Do Championship & the 22nd Delhi State Junior & Senior ITF Taekwon-Do Championship was held at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vasant Vihar New Delhi from 3rd to 5th Dec. 2010.
Honorary Professorship for ITF President by the Beijing Foreign Study University, Nov. 2010
10th Dec 2010   10:29
Prof. Dr. Ung Chang has been made an Honorary Professor by the Beijing Foreign
Study University for his educational and practical achievements linked to the Olympic Movement and education for young people.

Information \"PDF\" (341 KB)
Technical Seminar held in Kabul, Afghanistan on 3rd Nov.2010
7th Dec 2010   10:56
One day seminar was held for color and black belts at All Afghanistan National Taekwon-Do Association ITF (Head quarters) in Kabul-Afghanistan on Friday 03.11.2010.
This seminar was conducted by Sabum Nim Noorullah Shirzai 4th degree, International Instructor based in Leeds United Kingdom a member of (United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Centres) and Technical advisor of (All Afghanistan National Taekwon-Do Association ITF).
“1ST NORTH AMERICAN CHALLENGE” Competition held in Puerto Rico, 20th-21st Nov.2010
7th Dec 2010   09:01
The event attracted over 300 competitors from Puerto Rico, USA and Canada, Mexico could not attend due to visa problems.
On Friday 19th Nov. 2010, Senior Master Lu held a seminar for three hours for over 80 Black Belts, in which it was a very successful activity.
Charity paddle in the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Australia for the cancer research on 23rd-24th Oct.2010
6th Dec 2010   11:37
From the 23rd to 24th October 2010, Master Tam Fook Chee has again paddled in his kayak to raise funds for the Arrow Bone Marrow Foundation Sydney for the cancer research. The distance of the overnight paddle was 111 km in the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Australia.
TK-1 Championship held in Sydney, Australia on 21st Nov.2010
6th Dec 2010   11:35
21st November 2010 saw the best ever TaekwonKids and TK-1 Championship organized. The championship ran extremely smooth without a flaw at the Burwood Police & Community Youth Club in Sydney Australia. Officials carried out their duties with high professionalism.
ITF Demonstration in Balkh University, Afghanistan on 11th Nov.2010
1st Dec 2010   11:23
ITF Demonstration in Balkh University Afghanistan in Students Day
On 11th of November- 2010, at Balkh university, members of Balkh university TKD ITF affiliated to the All Afghanistan National Taekwon-do Association ITF performed a demonstration. The demonstration was held by Balkh university sports department about 2000 spectators watching the event.
Taekwon-Do seminar with GM Leong Wai Meng in Pretoria, S-Africa, 6th Nov.2010
26th Nov 2010   09:38
Grand Master Leong Wai Meng visits South Africa

Taekwon-Do students in South Africa were very fortunate to have participated in a seminar on the 6th November 2010 conducted by Grand Master Leong Wai Meng. The Seminar took place in Pretoria at the Taekwon-Do Federation of Africa Centre.
TKD Training Camp held in Galle, Sri Lanka from 04th- 05th November 2010
24th Nov 2010   08:58
The Sri Lanka International Taekwon-Do Association (I.T.F. Sri Lanka) organized a Taekwon-Do training Camp from 4th to 5th November 2010 in Galle, Sri Lanka. In this training camp about 40 I.T.F. Taekwon-Do members participated under the patronage of Senior Master C.J. Armstrong, 8th Degree, and President of Sweden I.T.F.
Internat. Instructors Course in Pretoria, South Africa, 31st Oct.- 1st Nov.2010
23rd Nov 2010   09:39
Senior Master Kim Jong Su hosted an International Instructors Course in Pretoria South Africa, at the Taekwon-do Federation of Africa Centre.
ITF Self Defence Training for World Food Programme staff members in Thailand, 3rd Nov.2010
10th Nov 2010   10:19
UN staff made aware.
Twenty-four staff from the World Food Program’s Asian regional office participated in an introductory self defence class conducted by Sabums Graham and Rachanok Moulden from the International Taekwon-do Federation Thailand.
ITF Seminar in Viñas del Mar, Chile held by the South American Taekwon-do Federation, 4th to 7th Nov.2010
10th Nov 2010   10:13
On November 4th to 7th 2010 was held by the South American Taekwon-do Federation (STF) a seminar in Viñas del Mar – Chile, a Country member of this Institution. For F.E.T.R.E.CH- Federation of Taekwon-Do Republic Chile President Mr. Hugo Huerta. One of the objectives of S.T.F is keeping actualized to its members in the administrative and technical areas.
ITF Cup of Serbia in Novi Sad in Serbia,6thNov2010
9th Nov 2010   10:15
XIII years before we could never dream that we will be able to organize this kind of competition. In Novi Sad, second biggest city in Serbia, on 6th of November ITF Taekwon-do Federation of Serbia organized Open Cup of Serbia, for South East Region of Europe.
ITF Technical Seminar held in Iran on 5th November 2010
8th Nov 2010   12:20
The Iran ITF Taekwon-Do Association held a Technical seminar on 5th November 2010 in the Multipurpose sport hall of Tehran Municipality.
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