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Dear all ITF family members,

Greeting New Year 2014, I would like to wish all of you, in the name of myself as President of International Taekwon-Do Federation, a Happy New Year hoping only joy and happiness dwell in your family life and every success materializes in all your expectations as tomorrow is today’s dream.
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1st ITF Oceanic Camp, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 20th-22nd April 2012.
8th May 2012   09:36
The 1st Oceanic Camp was conducted on the 20th-22nd April 2012 in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Overall there were close to 60 participants, comprising of students, instructors and some non-ITF practitioners (parents, caregivers, caterers). There was a contingent of 18 practitioners from Australia with ranks from 6th Dan to 6th Gup.
The training camp was situated in idyllic bush surrounds. On the first day, amusing enough, a group of Australians went out for a 10-minute bush walk exploring the area. It turned out to be a 45-minute walk. They were lost. The Aussies blames the Kiwis (the excuse was they were led by a New Zealander) but in truth no one knows the way around the bush, but I digress…
The romp around the bush did not dampen their spirits or comradeship and they came together for an impromptu training session on a Friday night, which lasts until 11.15pm.
Saturday was the main training day and conducted by Master William Chan. There was also the display of age-old rivalry between the Aussies and Kiwis with individual sparring and team pattern competition at the end of the day. In between the training sessions, the rivalry even extends to a tug-of-war, volleyball and a game of rugby between the two countries. It was fun and good bonding.
At the completion of the camp, participants was presented participation Certificates by Master Chan. In return, souvenirs were presented to the Kiwi hosts as a token of appreciation by Jacek Leszczynski on behalf of his group (from Tam’s Budo).
There was good feedback from everyone who attended the Camp and the consensus was that the Oceanic Camp should be a regular annual event.

Master William Chan
President ITF New Zealand
Conductor of 2012 Oceanic Camp
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